It seems that Madden NFL 23 moves at an incredibly slow pace

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It seems that Madden NFL 23 moves at an incredibly slow pace

Post by MacMillanwu » Tue May 23, 2023 7:20 am

There are 13 suggestions for changing instant replay. One suggestion would allow officials to utilize replay to solve issues that involve the clock. Another proposal would require officials to review any penalty that MUT 23 ltds causes an automated first down.

Only two of the replay plans in the list are anticipated to get any traction. The firstproposal, made by the Patriots could allow coaches to challenge everything, except turnovers and scoring plays, and still provide the same amount of challenges available as they currently have. The secondproposal, also by the Patriots will put cameras along the boundaries. ESPN included them for the college football playoffs, cameras in the pylons. However, the Madden NFL 23 believes these will be too costly.

It seems that Madden NFL 23 moves at an incredibly slow pace. It seems unlikely that owners will kill off the PAT entirely, not now at any rate. There is a proposal by the Patriots (activist Madden NFL 23 teams, smh) that would move the ball back to the 15 yard line, making it more difficult to automate. The Colts would like to add points really crazy.

Los Angeles

Stan Kroenke has a fancy new stadium that he can sell his other owners this week. There are no decisions on this week's Rams (or either the Chargers or the Raiders) relocated are expected. The only thing that's expected is a presentation from Madden NFL 23 Executive Director Eric Grubman followed by a discussion with the owners.

The Rams' owner clearly has an advantage on the road to L.A., but the Chargers have not made it simple for him. It's a chance for the owners to buy MUT 23 ltds start developing a solution where everyone benefits ... everyone except whichever city ends up losing a team.

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