Molotov cocktail & lightning rod

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Molotov cocktail & lightning rod

Post by thewolf66 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:53 pm

A new season is coming and so are my ideas. After a lot of thinking and removing all the shitty ones I have come here to leave my suggestions.

1. Molotov cocktails.
Class: Weapons.
Crafting recipes:
1 piece of fabric(or 1 torn clothes)+alchohol(any)=Improvised Molotov.
1 piece of fabric(or 1 torn clothes)+bottle+Oil can=Finish molotov.
Improvised molotov-12(or 3 normal zombies)
Finish molotov-40(or 10 normal zombies), in order to compete with the chainsaw.

2. Ligtning rod.
Class: Home upgrade
Requires: Generator level 2
Materials: 3 cooper pipes, 5 scrap metal and 1 duct tape.
Energy cost: 20
Effect: Every night there is x%(maybe 33%?) chance that a lightning strucks your house. If that happens you automatically gain 1mAh.(I know, I know ligtnings are much more powerful than 1mAh but there aren't much storms in the desert too soo...)

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Re: Molotov cocktail & lightning rod

Post by Brainbox » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:46 pm

Thanks :)

Both ideas are nice, and the lighning rod actually fits pretty well into one of the new room types.

I'll see if I can add at least one (or even both) of your ideas :)

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