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Post by lbfc5 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:33 pm

I think the chainsaw should be able to be split into parts when you have workbench electrification, i found a few in 1 game, landfill, cellar of the burned house, hospital... and none to use, only precious fuel which you have chance to find like engine and i cant even turn it into splinter at landfill, so i suggest:
1 chainsaw= 1x elec. part, 3x wrought iron, 1x cooper pipe and 2x bolts and screws
Also the whisker is hard to find, once searched the construction site, franchise and burned house and nothing, i couldnt get then blood and died of thirst, but there for 3x daggers which are useless compared to my sharpened machete, so light it up a little pls.

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