Flask Damage Rework Suggestion

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Flask Damage Rework Suggestion

Post by taylork2 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:39 pm

taylork2 wrote: So how much damage would I receive from drinking out of a flask with 2 blood and 2 clear waters in it?
Brainbox wrote:Should be 110 damage.

You can also check the contents of a bottle using the interaction popup; it won't give you a precise number for the damage, but you should get a general idea from the text if the water will do no damage, a little damage, moderate damage or outright kill you.
For anyone who would be unaware of the system(me a few days ago, new players, etc), accidentally placing a single(or 2) liquid of blood into your flask of clear water could kill you in some situations, and personally I like a touch of realism.
Instead of the current system which simply adds toxicity damage it will work on an average and a multiplier.
Water Toxicity in a container is added together, divided by the amount of liquids, and then a multiplier is applied depending on how many liquids are in the container.
The multipliers would be around 1.0 for 1 liquid, 1.30 for 2 liquids, 1.50 for 3 liquids. and 1.65 for 4 liquids.

This would continue to make flasks of blood deadly for players, however not unfairly kill a player for drinking out flask with blood in it.

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